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Jake Himes, Colin McRae RIP
Sep-16 2007 / 12:39 EDT | posted by GDorman

ESPN Summer X Games 12I still can't believe I'm writing this. September of 2007 has been a terrible month for rally world. On September 11th we lost Jake Himes. Amazing personality that I just met for my first time at Rally West Virginia. A guy with awesome ideas and who did great amount of work for our sport in US. RIP Jake Himes 1974 - 2007

Now, just yesterday I got these terrible news from overseas. My hero for 12 years that I have been involved in this sport, was lost in a helicopter crash with his son along his side (5 years old Johnny), Johnny's buddy and Colin's friend. I had an honor and previlage to meet my hero just about a year ago at XGames 12 and found out that not only he was the biggest rally star of all time, the legend, but also a great person. Thank You Colin for what you have done for us! We will miss you. RIP Colin McRae 1968 - 2007

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