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Laughlin Rally - Photo Blog - Wednesday
Nov-07 2007 / 21:47 EST | posted by GDorman

Day 1 at Laughlin. Recce on Saturday stages 6 - 9.

Rally cars are gathering at Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Laughlin. All east-coasters are here!

View thru the front windshield on SS8 (going down into the Canyon). Stages are fast and wide with some tight turns.

Recreational area at the end of SS8. Amazing views! That's all I got to say. Stage gets a bit rough at the end, but we should be able to manage this on Saturday. Here is Rafal enjoying the view.

We made some friends on the way up from the Canyon. They were not easy to get them off the road. I hope we are not going to meet them there on Saturday.

Puncture on the left front going down into the Canyon for the second time. Local shop in Truxton, AZ was a big help. The only gas station in probably good 25 miles radius.


Typical view in Arizona. Tomorrow is another day of recce. We will be working on stages 2 - 5 from Friday.

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